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Point Commissions (Prices Lowered for Spring)

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 3, 2017, 12:23 PM

Purple pixel flower bullet Note Me What You Want
Purple pixel flower bullet Please Be Patient DO NOT Rush Me!!
Purple pixel flower bullet Pay before I Start the commission! No refunds
Purple pixel flower bullet Provide references for the characters
Purple pixel flower bullet Donate the Points to the donation pool 

Yellow pixel flower bullet I Have the right to turn down A commission
Yellow pixel flower bullet Please Request before sending the points

What I Will do 

Blue pixel flower bullet Males and Females
Blue pixel flower bullet Fan Characters or Original Characters (Human Send me a reference)
Blue pixel flower bullet Background Drawings
Blue pixel flower bullet Simple (Easy) Backgrounds 
Blue pixel flower bullet Crossdressing

What I Will NOT Do

Green pixel flower bullet R18 (Not Safe For Work)
Green pixel flower bullet Animals (I'm just not good at them)
Green pixel flower bullet Backgrounds that are too complicated
Green pixel flower bullet Fanservice
Green pixel flower bullet Teen Titans GO!
Green pixel flower bullet Repeated Ideas (I Don't Want to do the same thing over and over)
Green pixel flower bullet Fetishes (Bondage, Pregnancy etc)
Green pixel flower bullet Anything I view as uncomfortable with (PLEASE Ask Me!)

Sainte Mere IV (Work in Progress) by Sweet-Sharotto
10 to 15 Pink Points 
(+2Pink Points  for Extra Characters)

Single Character
Milla Basset by Sweet-Sharotto
20 Pink Points 
(+3Pink Points  for Background)

Two Characters
My Prince by Sweet-Sharotto
30 Pink Points 
(+3Pink Points  for Background)

Background Drawings
The Pure Angel Of Springtime by Sweet-Sharotto
50 Pink Points  (Depends on How Long It will Take)
(+2 Pink Points  for Extra Characters)

Red pixel flower bullet Do NOT Comment Below Please! Thank You!


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